Export to Brazil!

International product development, we are the extension of your company in Brazil.

Discover the potential market with Flextech Soluções, the Brazilian market for the products you manufacture.
We are an integral part of the business network that we create exclusively for our customers, aligning all aspects of business to the goals of our customers, to guarantee quality, minimize costs, time to market and increase profits.
Our work with integrity, partnership, environmental responsibility and protection of human rights, will maintain the quality and relevance of your product having total security in the market to be reached.
We perform all export services Door to Door , where the agility of international and customs processes can be highlighted, development of appropriate market for your product.


Get precision positioning specific to your business needs.

Purchase agency for Brazilian products for international companies, we are able to develop suppliers contracted with certified products.

Quality Control and Warranty
Flextech Soluções maintains the most rigorous international standards. We are firmly behind the consumer, never compromising on quality – this is our obligation not only to our customers, but also to the end consumers. To ensure that each product produced meets the highest standard, a Flextech Soluçoes, can hire certified companies to guarantee quality control, to supervise all aspects of the products – according to the requirements of our customers.

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