Developed with Higt Tech Resins and a stabilized and catalyzed Vitric Silica compound. The vitrifier promotes shine and protection in a single application, which makes this product unique on the market.
The glazed layer of Cristal X creates a lens on the varnish, providing a more detailed view of the painting, brighter and with greater depth of color. In metallic / special paintings, flakes are seen more clearly.

Instructions for use:
1. The car must be polished, without scratches and scratches;
2. The car must be clean and dry;
3. Make sure the car is protected from the sun and has a cold body.
4. MENTALLY SEPARATE THE CAR IN PARTS (For example: the hood in two parts, the roof in four parts, the door in two parts and so on)

Step 1: Decontamination of the paint using Iron7 and a flannel. Splash Iron7 in a 40×40 area and perform Decontamination with the flannel.
2nd Step: With the decontaminated and dry bodywork. Take the Cristal X and the applicator sponge. Place the product in the sponge, be careful not to soak the sponge.
3rd Step: Sponge the product with parts of the car. Pass in vertical movements first and then horizontally.
(You will notice that the sponge has the right amount of product when it slides without too much friction on the piece).
Step 4: Wait 3 minutes and remove excess product with a microfiber cloth. Use the same flannel to polish. (If you are in a hot region, the fixing time can be 1 minute).
Repeat the process for all parts of the car.

It can be applied to any external area, in addition to bodywork, glass, chrome, rubber and plastics.

Never wash the car with Activated (acidic product) and Solopan (alkaline product), as they strip the paint.
Always use neutral detergent.
Always use the ceramic wax after washing.

Note: For a deteriorated painting, we recommend that a technical polishing be done first.

– Easy maintenance
– Promotes shine, protection and resistance.
– Increased durability
– Protects and gives shine up to 3 years.


vitric wax

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